• ZR9000 Dual SIM 5G Cellular Router

    ZR9000 Dual SIM 5G Cellular Router

    The advantage of ZR9000 series industrial 5G Cellular routers is Dual SIM Single Module , which can backup the network between the two SIM to ensure continuous connection. High speed, low latency, with 1 x Gigabit WAN and 4 x Gigabit LANs.

  • Serial Server

    Serial Server

    ChiLink IOT SS2030 serial server, supports a single RS232 or RS485 interface device, supports transparent transmission of WiFi or wired Ethernet or customized protocol transmission.

    This series of products can be widely used in industrial automation, electric power, intelligent transportation, access control systems, attendance systems, vending systems, POS systems, building automation systems, self-service banking systems, and telecommunication computer room monitoring.

  • Serial Server SS2030

    Serial Server SS2030

    Use RS232 and RS485 at the same time

    WIFI optional

    Serial servers are connected to routers via a network cable or WIFI, thus connecting to an Internet wired network

    Serial servers support 2 serials

  • NB-IoT /4G DTU

    NB-IoT /4G DTU

    ZD1000 DTU is a wireless data terminal for the Internet of Things, which uses the public NB-IoT/4G network to provide users with wireless long-distance datatransmission functions. The product uses low-power industrial-grade 32-bit processors and industrial-grade wireless modules, with embedded real-time operating system as the software support platform, and provides RS232/TTL and RS485 interfaces, which can be directly connected to serial devices to achieve transparent data transmission.

  • ZR2000 Industrial 4G Cellular Router

    ZR2000 Industrial 4G Cellular Router

    The advantages of ZR2000 series 4G cellular router are low cost, complete functions, stable work 7*24 hours, suitable for various unattended environments.

  • DTU ZD3030

    DTU ZD3030

    ZD3030 serial to cellular IP modem is widely used as data transmission terminal for power distribution remote monitoring and control system, such as Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) Automation Solution, Distribution Terminal Unit (DTU) Automation, and Ring Main Unit Automation in the electric power distribution network.
    ZD3030 supports serial RS232 and RS485 (or RS422) ports, can conveniently and transparently connect power secondary equipment (FTU, DTU, Ring Main Unit, etc. )with serial port to a public cellular network. With GSM/GPRS/3G/4G LTE full band support, the on-site equipment could be guaranteed to stay connected or recovered from any unexpected interference. With Chilink’s s industrial design, higher EMS levels are tested to ensure the highest reliability for any harsh environment.

  • ZS5000 Dual SIM 4G Cellular Router

    ZS5000 Dual SIM 4G Cellular Router

    The advantage of the ZS5000 series industrial 4G routers is that support Dual SIM Dual Module, two SIM work at the same time, any abnormality of one of the SIM will not affect the network connection of the router.

  • ZR1000 4G GPS Cellular Router

    ZR1000 4G GPS Cellular Router

    The advantage of the ZR1000 series industrial 4G routers is that support GPS capability for fleet management or other tracking application.

  • ZR5000 Industrial 4G Cellular Router

    ZR5000 Industrial 4G Cellular Router

    The advantage of the ZR5000 series industrial 4G routers is that it has 1 x 1000M wan and 4 x 1000M LAN, which is suitable for application scenarios that need to access multiple terminals.

  • ZP3000 Remote Control Gateway

    ZP3000 Remote Control Gateway

    The ZP3000 series remote control gateway is a wireless communication gateway for the Internet of Things, which supports 3G/4G mobile broadband network standards such as FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE, WCDMA (HSPA+), CDMA2000 (EVDO), and TD-Scdma. Users provide convenient and fast high-speed network transmission functions.

  • Print Server

    Print Server

    This series of products adopts a high-performance 32-bit professional network communication processor, and uses an embedded real-time operating system as a software support platform to provide printer sharing services for multiple users. It can access 2 printers at the same time and has 2 Ethernet RJ45 interfaces. Support WiFi.

  • ChiLink Cloud Management Platform

    ChiLink Cloud Management Platform

    ChiLink cloud management platform, based on cloud computing technology, provides customers with massive terminal equipment management services. The platform realizes the wireless router terminal

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